All-Colonial Division

March 13, 2017


These are my picks and may differ from coaches selections

Coach of the year: John Gill, Kittatinny

Wrestler of the year: Shane Smith, Kittatinny

Team of the year: Kittatinny


106-Ben Lilly, North Warren

113-Brandon Olmstead, Hopatcong

120-Zachary Creeden, Wallkill Valley

126-Mark DiGeronimo, Kittatinny

132-Anthony Mastroeni, Hopatcong

138-Shannon Grogan, North Warren

145-Calvin Brook, Kittatinny

152-Bart Yarosz, Hopatcong

160-Shane Smith, Kittatinny

170-Josh Hiler, Kittatinny

182-Josh Klimek, Kittatinny

195-Zach Mafaro, Kittatinny

220-Jacob Mafaro, Kittatinny

HWT-Joey Sprague, North Warren



106-Derek Molfetto, Kittatinny

113-Zachary Creeden, Wallkill Valley

120-Freddie Gonzalez, Hopatcong

126-Justin Gerkhardt, North Warren

132-Perry Maio, Kittatinny

138-Mike Callahan, Kittatinny

145-Kevin Shaffer, North Warren

152-Kasey Hotz, Kittatinny

160-Joe Voitek, North Warren

170-Jake Wilkerson, Hopatcong

182-Brodie McDonald, Wallkill Valley

195-Alex Hicks, North Warren

220-Connor Andrews, Wallkill Valley

HWT-Chris Litterio, Kittatinny



106-Joe Desimone, Hopatcong

113-Zach DiGeronimo, Kittatinny

120-Nile Mattar, Kittatinny

126-Tyler Sanchez, Wallkill Valley

132-Justin Lundquist, Wallkill Valley

138-Sean Cranmer, Hopatcong

145-Shane Simon, Wallkill Valley

152-Trevor Kish, Wallkill Valley

160-Alex Feinberg, Hopatcong

170-Steven Line, Wallkill Valley

182-Trent Stoddart, North Warren

195-Liam McGuire, Hopatcong

220-John Sanchez, Hopatcong

HWT-Zach Dora, Wallkill Valley