All-Freedom Division

March 13, 2017


    These are my picks and may differ from coaches selections

Coach of the year: Eric Bollette, Newton

Wrestler of the year: Nick Palumbo, Lenape Valley

Team of the year: High Point


106-Brandon LaRue, High Point

113-Devin Flannery, High Point

120-Billy Talmadge, High Point

126-Jake Falleni, Lenape Valley

132-Michael Freda, Newton

138-Alex Carida, Hackettstown

145-Nick Palumbo, Lenape Valley

152-Wyatt McCarthy, Newton

160-Jonathon Borgognoni, Newton

170-Nick Brigante, Newton

182-Joseph DeLuca, Newton

195-Hunter Flores, High Point

220-Cliff Rutter, High Point

285-Joe Andes, Hackettstown



106-Zach Miller, Lenape Valley

113-Dominick Falleni, Lenape Valley

120-Maverick Liebl, High Point

126-James Haws, Lenape Valley

132-Roman Moss, Vernon

138-Ray Smaha, Lenape Valley

145-Nick Giordano, Newton

152-Anthony Smaha, Lenape Valley

160-Aric Wingle, High Point

170-Grayson Sabo, High Point

182-Matt McDonnell, High Point

195-Devin Mager, Newton

220-Kyle Connelly, Hackettstown

285-Thomas Hubmaster, High Point



106-Aidan Bartsch, Newton

113-Julian Sibblies, Newton

120-Steven Nictora, Hackettstown

126-Erick Garcia, Hackettstown

132-RJ Brevot, High Point

138-Shane Kobis, High Point

145-Trey Osborn, High Point

152-Mike Roccasanta, Vernon

160-James Clarke, Hackettstown

170-Jordan Costanza, Lenape Valley

182-Troy DuPont, Lenape Valley

195-Ryan Hall, Lenape Valley

220-Luke Fischer, Newton

285-Luis Arrazola, Newton