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Date    2016-2017 Schedule Results
12/17-12/18 Beast of the East (Del.)  
12/23 @ Delaware Valley  
12/28 Liberty Holiday Classic  
1/3 @ Raritan  
1/4 Bound Brook  
1/7 @ Cranford  
1/11 Hunterdon Central  
1/12 Kittatinny  
1/14 Hunterdon/Warren/Sussex Tournament  
1/18 Warren Hills  
1/19 Hanover Park  
1/21 Easton  
1/25 @ North Hunterdon  
1/26 Parkland (PA)  
1/28 @ Southern  
2/1 @ Voorhees  
2/18 District 9 Tournament  

2016 State Liners Wrestling

Final Record: 17-3

1st Place District 1

1st Place Skylands Conference-Raritan

Group 4 Champions

Head Coach: David Post
Colors: Garnet/Gray
Section: North II, Group IV
District: 9
Region: 3
Skylands-Raritan Division

Program History

State Champions

2012-Brandon Hull-220
1996-Marc DeFrancesco-189
1996-Tim Moore-130
1994-Pete Poretta-112
1994-Mike Coyle-119
1993-Pete Poretta-112
1992-Scott Frinzi-125
1990-Greg Troxell-Hwt.
1990-Ed Moore-119
1989-Kevin Kane-189
1989-Greg Troxell-Hwt.
1985-Dave Boncher-109
1984-Dave Boncher-102
1984-Mike Barna-149
1982-John Barna-115
1981-John Barna-108
1980-John Barna-101
1973-Rick Thompson-115
1972-Blair Miers-Hwt.
1971-Rick Thompson-98
1970-Jack Thompson-141
1969-Don Jessamine-148
1969-Robert Zaro-168
1968-Robert Jiorle-98
1968-Robert Zaro-157
1967-Robert Duckworth-141
1967-Buddy Morris-148
1963-Dick Lincoln-98
1959-Dave Osmun-123
1958-Robert Stem-168
1953-Jim Bronico-168
1952-Sid Fowler-115
1951-Sid Fowler-103

State Place Winners

2013-Brandon Paetzell-106/5th
2011-Brandon Hull-215/8th
2009-Oliver Burkhardt-140/7th
2008-Luke Grassi-130/3rd
2006-Chris Norrell-152/5th
2006-Jon Gregory-112/4th
2004-Robert Au-119/8th
2003-Justin Koeller-145/4th
2003-Dave Post-160/3rd
2002-Trevor Duddy-119/8th
2002-Dave Post-160/5th
2001-Dale Rissmiller-171/3rd
2000-Mike Fania-130/6th
1999-Jared Frey-160/6th
1999-Steve Kempinski-215/2nd
1999-Bill Moore-130/4th
1998-John McRoberts-152/6th
1998-Aaron Freer-171/2nd
1998-Steve Kemplinski-215/4th
1998-Zach Miers-275/7th-8th
1997-Bob Piccione-103/2nd
1997-John Garriques-171/2nd
1996-John Garriques-152/5th-6th
1996-Jason Garcia-171/3rd
1996-Terrell Johnson-112/4th
1995-Joe Edwards-119/5th-6th
1995-Mike Coyle-126/2nd
1995-Marc Defrancesco-185/3rd
1995-Jason Garcia-172/7th-8th
1995-John Garriques-151/4th
1994-Tim Flynn-130/5th-6th
1994-Marc Defrancesco-189/5th
1993-Charlie Carty-125/2nd
1993-Pat Coyle-135/2nd
1993-Mike Coyle-119/4th
1992-Jarrod Spencer-189/5th-6th
1992-Pat Coyle-130/4th
1992-Charlie Carty-119/3rd
1992-Frank Clymer-135/7th-8th
1991-Jody Crouse-160/4th
1990-Pat Maczko-135/5th-6th
1990-Scott Frinzi-112/4th
1989-Scott Dellatore-112/6th
1989-Ed Moore-103/7th-8th
1989-Jim Crouse-171/3rd
1989-EJ Watson-119/7th-8th
1988-Kevin Dilts-103/2nd
1988-Mike Kocsis-125/3rd
1988-Jason Hawk-130/5th
1987-Jason Hawk-123/2nd
1986-Tim Miers-171/8th
1986-Jon Koehler-130/8th
1986-Mike Kocisis-102/8th
1986-Dave Boncher-109/2nd
1985-Jason Hawk-102/8th
1985-Mark Faglioni-116/3rd
1985-Jon Koehler-130/8th
1985-Jeff Turner-142/2nd
1984-Mike Smith-123/8th
1983-Mike Barna-141/2nd
1983-Jeff Bowyer-108/2nd
1983-Don Margeson-135/8th
1982-Jeff Bowyer-101/4th
1982-Jim Smith-122/3rd
1981-Frank Stillo-122/3rd
1981-Mike Margeson-170/3rd
1980-John Rutledge-135/3rd
1980-Rick Amy-141/8th
1980-Bob Moyer-148/2nd
1979-Robbie Rutt-101/8th
1979-John Rutledge-122/4th
1979-John Margeson-141/3rd
1979-Gene Oberly-188/8th
1978-Kevin Happel-101/8th
1977-John Rutledge-101/4th
1977-John Margeson-122/8th
1977-Mike Stocker-170/8th
1976-John Veres-101/8th
1976-Jack Yost-135/3rd
1975-Jack Yost-135/4th
1974-Steve Ellis-Hwt./8th
1974-Mike Rosetti-108/2nd
1974-Bill Mack-115/3rd
1974-Don Miller-129/8th
1973-Mike Rosetti-98/2nd
1973-Bruce Lear-136/8th
1973-Gary Osborne-141/4th
1972-Gary Osborne-141/3rd
1972-Jeff Curzi-178/4th
1972-Bruce Lear-130/3rd
1971-Joe Piro-136/3rd
1971-Robert Jiorle-115/4th
1970-Rick Thompson-98/4th
1970-William Cavanagh-130/2nd
1969-Jack Thompson-136/2nd
1969-Sam Farina-141/3rd
1968-Maury Mascari-123/2nd
1967-Maury Mascari-115/2nd
1966-Charles Russo-115/4th
1963-Carl Bateman-123/3rd
1960-Robert Sykos-136/2nd
1959-Robert Masterson-98/3rd
1958-Dave Osmun-123/4th
1958-Myron Butler-136/7th-8th
1957-Robert Hart-115/3rd
1957-Arlie Osmun-123/2nd
1956-Robert Hart-106/2nd
1954-Jim Bronico-168/4th
1953-Neal Lesher-157/3rd
1952-Richard Eck-106/3rd
1951-George Ricketts-120/3rd
1951-Morgan Selwyn-165/3rd
1949-George Ricketts-112/4th
1949-Rich Fowler-138/4th
1949-Bill Kowalchuk-145/4th
1948-Bill Lowe-103/4th

Region Champions

2013-Brandon Paetzell-106
2013-Jimmy Schuitema-152
2012-Brandon Hull-220
2011-Matt Lane-130
2009-Matt Santini-215
2006-Jon Gregory-112
2006-Jon Stillo-125
2006-Chris Norrell-152
2005-Jon Gregory-103
2004-Brandon Stillo-125
2003-Justin Koeller-145
2003-David Post-160
2002-Derek Schisler-171
1999-Bill Moore-130
1999-John McRoberts-152
1999-Jared Frey-160
1999-Steve Kempinski-215
1998-Russ Trauger-145
1998-Aaron Freer-171
1998-Steve Kempinski-215
1997-Bob Piccione-103
1997-Terrell Johnson-112
1996-Terrell Johnson-112
1996-Marc DeFrancesco-189
1995-Joe Edwards-119
1995-Mike Coyle-126
1995-Marc DeFrancesco-185
1994-Pete Poretta-112
1994-Mike Coyle-119
1994-Marc DeFrancesco-189
1993-Charlie Carty-125
1993-Pat Coyle-135
1992-Pete Poretta-103
1992-Scott Frinzi-125
1992-Frank Clymer-135
1991-Pat Coyle-135
1990-Ed Moore-119
1990-Joe Shimko-152
1990-Greg Troxell-Hwt.
1989-Ed Moore-103
1989-Scott Dellatore-112
1989-E.J. Watson-119
1989-Jim Crouse-171
1989-Kevin Kane-189
1989-Greg Troxell-Hwt.
1988-Mike Kocsis-125
1988-Mike Kocsis-125
1988-Greg Gehm-145
1987-Jason Hawk-122
1986-Dave Boncher-108
1986-Jon Koehler-129
1986-Tim Miers-170
1985-Mark Faglioni-115
1985-Jon Koehler-129
1985-Jeff Turner-141
1984-Dave Boncher-101
1984-Mike Smith-122
1984-Mike Barna-148
1983-Jeff Bowyer-108
1983-Don Margeson-135
1983-Don Margeson-135
1982-Jeff Bowyer-98
1982-John Barna-112
1982-Jim Smith-119
1981-John Barna-108
1981-Russ Storm-135
1981-Mike Margeson-170
1980-John Barna-101
1980-John Rutledge-135
1980-Rick Amy-141
1980-Bob Moyer-148
1979-John Rutledge-122
1979-John Margeson-141
1978-Kevin Happel-101
1978-Frank Losagio-108
1978-Jim Clauss-141
1977-John Rutledge-101
1977-John Margeson-122
1977-Mike Stocker-170
1976-Jack Yost-135
1975-Jack Yost-135
1974-Mike Rosetti-108
1974-Don Miller-129
1974-Steve Ellis-Hwt.
1973-Mike Rosetti-98
1973-Rich Thompson-115
1973-Bruce Lear-136
1973-Gary Osbourne-141
1972-Bruce Lear-130
1972-Gary Osbourne-141
1972-Jeff Curzi-178
1972-Blair Miers-Hwt.
1971-Rick Thompson-98
1971-Joe Piro-136
1970-Rick Thompson-98
1970-Bill Cavanaugh-130
1970-Jack Thompson-141
1969-Jack Thompson-136
1969-Sam Farina-141
1969-Don Jessamine-148
1969-Robert Zaro-168
1968-Rob Jiorle-98
1968-Maury Mascari-123
1968-Robert Zaro-157
1967-Maury Mascari-115
1967-Robert Duckworth-141
1967-Buddy Morris-148
1966-Charles Russo-115
1963-Dick Lincoln-98
1963-Carl Bateman-123

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