The 5th Annual HWS vs Morris Charity All Star Match.

May 14, 2017


5th Annual HWS vs. Morris All Star Match heads to Roxbury High School

    On May 20th at Roxbury High School, along with My House Clothing and the Roxbury Booster Club presents "5th Annual HWS vs. Morris All Star Match" at 1pm.

    The event will consists of matches between the Hunterdon/Warren/Sussex and Morris County All Stars in a 2-1-1 dual meet format with a :30 overtime if needed. Both teams will be packed with talent! 

    The Hunterdon/Sussex/Warren team will boast two HWS Champions, five county finalists, two region champions, 10 state qualifiers and two state medalists. The Morris County Team will counter with three county champions, six county finalists, four region champions, nine state qualifiers and two 2017 state medal winners.

    The proceeds from the event will be split amongst three great causes. The first is the Hopatcong Pound Project, which helps in the ongoing battle with animal cruelty. The second is the Susan B. Komen foundation, the leader in Cancer Research. The third cause will be for the Matthews' family of Roxbury Township, who suddenly lost their father to cancer.

    Enclosed are the matchups for the event including our three headliner matches.

Headliner Matchups

Zach Herbert, Sparta vs. Parker Fox, Montville

Robert Garcia, Pope John vs. Ricky Reimers, Roxbury

Josh Hiler, Kitt vs. Joey Schiele, Morris Hills


106-Quinn Melofchik, Bel vs. Dom DiGena, Mend/

Ben Lilly, NW vs. Matt DeStefanis, Rand

113-Aidan Taylor, Voorhees vs. Michael Caso, WM/

Justin Gerkhardt, NW vs. Brandon Teresa, Mont

120-AJ DeRosa, Del Val vs. Steve Pocze, Peq/

Colby Koshinski, Voor vs. Scott Jarosz, Rox

126-Hunter Rinehart, Voor vs. Joe Carmichael, Peq/

Matt Valli, Warren Hills vs. Sean Savercool, WP

132-Connor Mills, Del Val vs. Ronald Rumsby, Mont/

Carter Sheridan, Sparta vs. Peter Tringali, Mend

138-Alex Carida, Hack vs. Connor Meytrott, Mont/

Ryan Luchs, Pope John vs. Sebastian Cornejo, MC

145-Zach Nauta, WH vs. Justin LeMay, WM/

Matt Kolonia, Del Val vs. Dom LaRusso, Rox

152-Calvin Brook, Kitt vs. Gage Armijo, Mend/

Rhys Zigich, Del Val vs. Thomas Stigliano, WP

160-Shane Smith, Kitt vs. Troy Navarino, Men/

Chase Bauberger, Del Val vs. Connor Fortune, MK

170-Johnathon Borgognoni,  N vs. Joe Daddario, Mont

Nick Appleby, Bel vs. Alfonse Pinto, M.O.

182-Scott Fernandes, Voor vs. Mike Ilic, Par/

Joseph DeLuca, Newton vs. Kevin Charles, Rand

195-Robert Gennat, Sparta vs. Matt Meola, Rox/

Ryan Kokawski, Bel vs. Giuseppe Canino, Mend

220-Sam Huff, Voorhees vs. Kyle Brean, Par/

Luke Fischer, Newton vs. Wade Drugac, MK

285-Taylan Zafis, WH vs. Jayvon Davidson, MO

Joey Sprague, NW vs. Shane Beston, MK